Bilyeu Family br>br> DEAN STALEY: His family says he lost his life for a hoax

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Video transcript on KQRE interview with Forrest Fenn Bilyeu Family

DEAN STALEY: His family says he lost his life for a hoax. Santa Fe art collector and author Forrest Fenn is being publicly called out after a Colorado man died searching for Fenn’s treasure. News 13’s Haley Rush has more on the family’s outrage.

HALEY RUSH: In a few open letters to Forrest Fenn, his legendary treasure is called a scam.

LINDA BILYEU: Was he actually searching for the treasure, or for a possible illusion?

RUSH: This is one of the letters posted online from 54 year old Randy Bilyeu’s ex-wife Linda saying in quotes, “Do you care that treasure hunters risk their lives for your hoax?

BILYEU: I truly feel that he has manipulated to believe that it was there.

RUSH: In January, Randy set out to find Fenn’s hidden treasure in Northern New Mexico said to be hidden in the Rockies, containing $2,000,000 in emeralds, diamonds, rubies, and gold. He never returned home, his body identified last week.

BILYEU: Randy was an adventurous person. He was a very determined person.

RUSH: In Linda’s letter, she says her ex-husband was caught, and she’s writing to keep other treasure hunters safe.

BILYEU: I don’t want anybody to get hurt.

RUSH: We reached out to Fenn. In a written statement, he said, “It is terrible that Randy Bilyeu was lost while looking for the treasure. So many of us searched in the air and on the ground with no positive results.” He went on to say his prayers are with Randy’s family. Asked if the treasure is real, Fenn told us, “The treasure is not a hoax, and it is still resting where I hid it about six years ago.” Haley Rush, KRQE News 13