HOST: The eccentric millionaire who said he hid $2,000,000 in gold is under mounting pressure to bring the treasure hunt to an end

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Video transcript of Inside Edition interview with Forrest Fenn HOST: The eccentric millionaire who said he hid $2,000,000 in gold is under mounting pressure to bring the treasure hunt to an end. Two men have died in remote areas of New Mexico searching for a chest of gold Forrest Fenn claims he hid in the mountains. The latest victim is 52 year old Paris Wallace, a pastor from Colorado

PETER KASETAS: Mr. Fenn should re-evaluate his treasure hunt

HOST: New Mexico police chief, Peter Kasetas, confronted Fenn by phone on Good Morning America and asked him to stop the treasure hunt.

KASETAS: You had talked about giving more clues, proving more clues to help people better find your treasure, and again, I call for you to pull it.

FENN: I’m not going to give a clue to help people find the treasure. I’m going to give a clue to try to keep them out of trouble.

KASETAS: Yeah, yeah.

FENN: To make them safer.

HOST: Forrest Fenn is an 86 year old art and antiques dealer who made millions in the 1980’s selling Indian artifacts. An amazing 65,000 people have participated in the search for the buried treasure in a vast region stretching from Montana to New Mexico working from tantalizing clues contained in Fenn’s book.

FENN: Begin it where warm waters halt / and take it in the canyon down / not far, but too far to walk. / Put in below the home of Brown.

HOST: Fenn told Inside Edition it’s not his fault people are risking their lives.

FENN: In the summertime, we jump in a swimming pool. If somebody drowns in the swimming pool, should we drown the pool or should we teach people to swim? That’s the way I feel about it.

HOST: But Linda Bilyeu, whose ex-husband Randy died last year searching for the gold, says she doesn’t believe there is any treasure.

LINDA BILYEU: I think this whole thing is a hoax. There’s been no proof whatsoever that the treasure actually exists.

HOST: What do you think Forrest Fenn should do now?

BILYEU: I think he should end the search. Produce the chest, or say it’s a hoax. Do what he has to do to say it’s over.

HOST: Forrest Fenn says the treasure is no hoax.

FENN: There’s some people that think it’s a hoax, but the interesting thing is that all those people that think it’s a hoax are still out there looking.