MARY-CHARLOTTE DOMANDI: I’m delighted now to welcome author Michael McGarrity, and former art gallery owner Forrest Fenn

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25-02-2011 Santa Fe Radio Cafe Click Here
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Audio from Santa Fe Radio Cafe interview with Forrest Fenn MARY-CHARLOTTE DOMANDI: I’m delighted now to welcome author Michael McGarrity, and former art gallery owner Forrest Fenn. They are here to let us know about the event that’s going on this coming Saturday. Doug Preston and Michael McGarrity and Forrest Fenn will be in conversation at Collected Works Bookstore at six in the evening. Welcome to the Radio Cafe.

MICHAEL MCGARRITY: It’s always good to see you Mary-Charlotte how’ve you been?

DOMANDI: Good, how are you?

MCGARRITY: I’m good, thanks.

DOMANDI: So, Michael, I think this was your idea. What’s going on?

MCGARRITY: No, don’t blame this on me! No, no!

FORREST FENN: Mike has a lot of good ideas.

MCGARRITY: I’m just following along.

DOMANDI: Oh, okay. Forrest, this is your idea?

FENN: Well, I get blamed for everything, so I guess I can absorb this. Saturday night, at six o’clock, the three of us: Michael McGarrity, Doug Preston, and myself, will be onstage at the Collected Works Bookstore talking about our books and the theme of the evening will be “treasures.” Michael McGarrity has written about treasures and Doug has too and so have I so that’ll be the theme of the program.

MCGARRITY: Well, you gotta go a little bit deeper into this Mary-Charlotte, because the book that Forrest wrote is called, “The Thrill of The Chase.”

DOMANDI: Right, we talked about that with him not too long ago.

MCGARRITY: And, as you know, since you have talked to Forrest about it, it involves an actual treasure. Whereas in my case and Doug’s case, the treasures that we write about are more or less imaginary. But the theme that we decided to bring together, would be to talk about the LURE of treasure. Because it is a fascination for people, and since all of us in different ways have written about it, we felt it might be interesting to have sort of a round robin discussion about the stories we write, and the impetus behind them, and why we find the whole issue of treasure so fascinating. And also it’s to celebrate Doug’s new book, “Gideon’s Sword” which is just being released. So it’s going to be more than a book signing, wouldn’t you agree Forrest?

FENN: I agree 100%.

MCGARRITY: It’s going to be kind of an interesting event insofar as we’ll be questioning one another. The three of us are going to do sort of a rob - round robin conversation. There will be music. A fellow has even written a song that celebrates Forrest’s book and his treasure. And so there’ll be music, and I think it will be a very unusual and unique event for Santa Fe.

DOMANDI: Now, Michael McGarrity, what does the word, what does the idea, the concept of “treasure” mean to you? Both as a writer, and as a person.

MCGARRITY: Well you know, if you’re asking the question that I’d really wait to answer it until Saturday night.

DOMANDI: Give us a hint.

MCGARRITY: I think that treasure in a way goes way beyond riches. And I think the hunt for treasure can be mining an idea or exploring an emotion or looking for something lost in a person’s life or trying to connect with a past that difficult to remember or recreate. And also, looking for gold, looking for jewels, and the history of a place, or a people or the magic of a lost culture or a lost civilization. I think all of those things can really be called treasure in a way. I bet you Forrest agrees with me on this too.

FENN: Well, I agree. Not everybody goes out digging for treasure, but I think everyone has a secret little place in their house maybe in their underwear drawer where they keep a little box special little things. You know, secrets that mean something to them that they either found over the years or somebody has given a memento of them. So treasure can be defined in many different ways. And I think that’s very interesting. The word treasure evokes memories, I think, in everybody.

DOMANDI: And what’s, what you treasure most is not always what’s most valuable on the open market.

FENN: Oh no. One of the things I treasure most of all is that little arrowhead that I found when I was nine years old. That’s going to be the last thing they throw in my coffin.

DOMANDI: Goodness (laughter). Good to know. So, “treasure” is the subject, Michael McGarrity, Forrest Fenn, and author Doug Preston. Doug Preston is talking about his new book, “Gideon’s Sword” which I haven’t read yet. Have any of you read it? Is it treasure themed?

FENN: The publishing date was two days ago so it’ll be brand new at Collected Works Bookstore.

DOMANDI: Ah, okay.

MCGARRITY: It’s going to be new for all of us, Mary-Charlotte. I hope you can make it out there because it’ll be fun.

DOMANDI: Alright, Collected Works Bookstore. Six O’clock on Saturday night. Forrest Fenn and Michael McGarrity, thanks so much for being with us.

MCGARRITY: It’s always good to be with you Mary-Charlotte.