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When I decided I was gonna move to Santa Fe I wanted to start over

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When I decided I was gonna move to Santa Fe I wanted to start over. So I decided that I was gonna sell what I had in Lubbock. For one thing it would have been a heck of a job to transport that stuff. But I had a friend over there, I forget his name now, a big tall guy, had a lot of money and he made his money because he owned big billboards along the highway – and he had a bunch of money. I think a lot of money in those days was a couple hundred thousand dollars but he was a rich man. So he wanted to buy my foundry. He said, figure out what you'll take. He said, sharpen your pencil. I said, okay, and I started figuring – I spent all one night figuring what – he says, give me your very lowest price. I said, okay, and I figured it out and it came to something like $20,000. It was worth a lot more than that but I think I told him something like $20,000. He thought it for a minute and he came back and he said, I'll give you $15,000. It made me so mad because I told him my very bottom price is 20 and now you're gonna offer me 15. I said, it's not for sale. It made him mad and he left. So I gave it all to Jerry House. And that was, the fruit from that tree that Jerry House started his foundry. And Jerry was a good guy. I remember him very well.

We started the Lubbock Corral of the Westerners Club in Lubbock. Jerry House and I did that. We met once a month and all these guys loved history and it was a good bunch of people. But Jerry had a thing going – he loved Paul Harvey, the radio commentator. And Paul came on at 12 o'clock noon and he had a 15 minute program and you didn't say anything to Jerry House during that 15 minutes. And he introduced me to Paul Harvey and later on I read some place that Joe Grandee the artist from Texas traded Paul Harvey a painting for some advertising on his radio program and Paul Harvey had a huge following. And so I wrote Paul Harvey a letter one time and I said, Mr. Harvey I'm struggling, I said, but I'm casting bronzes. I said, I'll give you some bronzes for advertising on your program. And I got a really nice letter back from Paul Harvey handwritten and it said, Mr. Fenn I'm sorry I can't trade. My corporation won't let me trade any. He said, I did trade with Joe Grandee but he said I can't do it. And I thought that was so nice that Paul Harvey – and years later I met Paul Harvey at a house, at a party, at Erma Bombeck's house in Scottsdale, Arizona. Erma Bombeck was the big thing and she wrote a column for all the papers. And at that same party was a guy by the name of Joe Garagiola who had been a catcher in the big leagues. And I met Paul Harvey and Joe Garagiola at that party and gee I thought I was in heaven with those guys.