Video Transcript: First of all the foundry business is dangerous

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Foundry - Forrest Fenn Interview Video Transcript: First of all the foundry business is dangerous. And I was pioneering the field because there were almost no art casting bronze foundries in the country. And so I had to pioneer my way through the thing. And because I didn't have any money my equipment was homemade which means it didn't always work very well. But also the lost wax process means that you have to burn waxes out in a burn out oven and so it makes a lot of smoke. So here I am in downtown Santa Fe burning out waxes and everybody thinks the house is burning down and they call the fire department. And I knew that I wasn't gonna last very long and the foundry vent is in downtown Santa Fe by burning out waxes coupled with the fact that it was dangerous and my two guys quit their job.

And this was two weeks before Indian Market which was the big time in Santa Fe. Thousands of people, like 150,000 people would come to Santa Fe for this Indian Market. I decided I was gonna get out of the foundry business and I decided that overnight two weeks before Indian Market. Two days later I had sold everything in my foundry for practically nothing but I had to remodel my foundry – four rooms into gallery space. I had to borrow money from the bank to do that and I hate to borrow money. I don't hate to borrow money, I hate to pay it back. But anyway I borrowed money from the bank and we started remodeling it into a gallery. But Indian Market starts tomorrow but tonight they're still pouring cement on the floor in my new gallery space. So I knew that people weren't gonna come in my gallery and buy bronze and walk through wet cement. So what we did was buy plywood and we laid plywood on top of the wet cement so the people could come in my gallery and let me tell you – but I made enough money, I made enough profit that weekend by selling art and Indian artifacts to pay for all the remodeling. And I told myself, yeah, I can do this, you know, you have to have to stay ahead and staying ahead to me meant about two inches ahead because I felt like I was always trying to catch up and I didn't look back for fear somebody would be gaining on me. But that worked and I knew that I was gonna be successful when one month I was able to make payroll out of my accounts receivable – and that was one of the goals that I had. And I talked to my wife about that and we drank a glass of wine because that was the first time that I told myself that we were gonna make it in the art business.