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01-01-2017 Dal Neitzel - Video Click Here
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Collected Works Bookstore - Forrest Fenn Interview Video Transcript: I had written eight books before. Nobody wanted any of my books. My parents were dead. Who's gonna buy my books? I had a few friends. they didn't have any money. Nobody wanted my books. So when I, I self-published my books I owned what was called the One Horse Landing Cattle Company. It was nothing but a name. I mean I didn't own any horses or any cattle but it was a name. And I published that, I printed that book in a thousand copies because I figured nobody was gonna want that book. And then about a week later a lady in Manhattan by the name of Margie Goldsmith wrote a story in Hemispheres magazine. It sits behind the seat in United airplanes, every airplane has it hidden behind it. So here's these people captured for two and a half hours with nothing to do. The next day I got 1,200 emails. Good lord. And so I told myself what people are going to say is that Forrest Fenn wrote that book about the treasure chest to promote his book so he could make a bunch of money selling his book. I didn't want them to say that so I gave all the books to the Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe as a gift and I've never sold one of the books and I've never even made my costs back.