Video Transcript: I was driving to Santa Fe in a big rental truck

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01-01-2017 Dal Neitzel - Video Click Here
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Two Dollar Pistol Video Transcript: I was driving to Santa Fe in a big rental truck. Everything I owned was in that truck plus a wife and two kids. I was moving from Lubbock, Texas to Santa Fe. And I stopped in a little old town down here in New Mexico, Yeso or Vaughn or one of those little towns. It had a little tiny post office, it had a gas station and two or three houses and that was it. But I needed gas so I stopped in the gas station and in those days they came out and they pumped the gas in my car. So the guy's pumping gas in my car and I'm talking to him and he made a living on the side by catching rabbits at night and selling them to the government. The government had some kind of project going on with live rabbits. So I liked the guy and we were talking about history and he goes, come here, I want to show you something. So we walked in this gas station, above the door there was a little pistol, a little Smith & Wesson pistol, a two dollar pistol. And I said, well I didn't have any money but I said, what'll you take for that old pistol? He said, I want $10,000 for it. I said, what? $10,000? It's a two dollar pistol. He said, well read the sign. There's a little sign there under the pistol. So I got in a chair and I read the sign. It says, very rare Smith & Wesson pistol, serial number such and such, $10,000. It says, this is the only gun in New Mexico that was not owned by Billy the Kid, and that's what made it so rare. He got a lot of miles out of that two dollar pistol.