Video Transcript: My father and I and my football coach Concy Woods we fished together a lot in Yellowstone

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Slough Creek - Forrest Fenn Interview Video Transcript: My father and I and my football coach Concy Woods we fished together a lot in Yellowstone. They were both school teachers and they the summers off so we had three months to go to Yellowstone; and I always had jobs but I fished a lot too. And Slough Creek is a very famous place to fish today. In those days it was not. Nobody knew about Slough Creek and there were different meadows, a first meadow, a second meadow but they were three or four miles apart. And the further you walked up Slough Creek the better the fishing was we thought. So we went up there a couple of times and I remember we had to hook up our fly rods, put a fly on the end and throw it out there and catch bullfrogs. They'd catch it on their tongue and it's just like catching a fish. They'd jump in the water. We'd reel them in just like it was a fish 'cause frog legs is some of the best food in the world. And so we're up there on Slough Creek trying to catch fish but we're eating frog legs.

Well one time my mother had made a coonskin cap for me and I loved that thing partially because my mother made it for me. But I was walking up Slough Creek and my father and Concy Woods were somewhere. They weren't in sight. They were someplace up there fishing. And this big bull moose comes out of the trees and it's coming right straight for me. He must've been mad at something because… there was one big tree there that had big limbs on it and I climbed up that tree and the moose was under that tree. He had huge antlers. It must've been a world record moose. I'm sure it was. And he kept looking at me and I kept looking at him and I was scared. I knew he wasn't gonna climb that tree so as long as I was in that tree it was okay. So the moose laid down and went to sleep. Well what do you do when you're up a tree and a moose is under the tree sound asleep? So I broke off some limbs and I threw them at him hoping I'd wake him up and he would trot off. Finally that happened. I think he got hungry and he wandered off. So it was getting dark and we had to go back to the car which was about eight miles away. And there were places walking down Slough Creek where you had to get in the water in order to get past certain areas. So here I am walking out in the water, I was wearing loafers. Terrible! You don't ever wear loafers in the mountains. But I was wearing loafers and I got caught in quicksand and I dropped down about two feet. And struggling to get out and I finally worked myself out but I lost my right shoe. Well I had a sock on but I walked about four miles from where that quicksand was down to the car with a shoe on my left foot and a sock on my right foot and it was a – the only other time I experienced anything like that was a time when we roped that buffalo in, up out of West Yellowstone. I had to walk home barefooted. I don't know why I get myself in terrible situations I don't have any shoes on.